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MYS prides itself on building relationships and teamwork to build a expert team of yacht brokers where the highest professional standards are valued. We focus on our clients and our team first so that both parties can succeed together. This is what sets us apart from other brokerages in the industry where our yacht brokers are valued highly by our clients who appreciate our high standards of professionalism on behalf of MYS.

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MYS Yacht Brokers

Chris Jones


Jackie Sabins

Chief Of Operations

Chris Saumsiegle

Yacht Broker

Lewis Rissman

Yacht Broker

Jeff Fischer

Yacht Broker

Brad Warrick

Yacht Broker

Mollie Stowe

Yacht Broker

Tom Stowe

Yacht Broker

Andres Israel Smith

Yacht Broker

Tim Long

Yacht Broker

Carlos Dominguez

Certified Professional Yacht Broker

Zack Rice

Yacht Broker

John Stowe

Yacht Broker

Mike Atherton

Yacht Broker

Howard Bujaky

Yacht Broker

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